Public Golf Course Attire

Are T-shirts acceptable public golf course attire?

While most to many public golf courses or rather municipal golf courses that are owned and managed by the city in which it resides would rather T-Shirts were not worn while playing the course, they won’t prevent you from playing; there are several golf forum websites that address this issue.

None of the people in my humble golf circle have ever worn a t-shirt to play in; at least none that I have seen.

There are some clever printed golf t-shirts I would consider wearing to play golf in at a muni golf course or for just hanging out in.

This is the T-shirt that is welcomed at all Public/Muni golf courses (maybe) and my “ALL TIME FAVORITE – THE PUBLIC GOLF COURSE SHIRT”.

I can’t really see any Muni golf course being upset with this T-Shirt and quite frankly, a smart and shrewd public golf course could do a market spin on this to their advantage.

At some point we all play “Adventure Golf”.
Perhaps if people insist on wearing a t-shirt to play golf in, the public / muni golf courses could sell their own t-shirts that are labeled public golf course attire.

Right alongside the public golf course attire shirts would be golf course driving range shirts as well.

Now, I could definitely see myself wearing a t-shirt to the golf driving range that said “Golf Driving Range Shirt” because it is now a “Call To Action” that says “I am about to go to work” or “This is my objective for this day” or “Please don’t disturb me as I am serious about getting my game right and keeping it right.

At the end of the day does it really matters if a golfer wears a t-shirt to a public golf course to play in?

As long as it is neat, clean, not offensive smelling and tucked nicely into the pants, it should be OK, right?

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