“GOLF CLUB” – What Do You Think When You Hear Those Words?

I said “Golf Club” to my wife then asked her what does that make her think of.  Of course, she was puzzled by the question but tried to answer according to what I was asking.

She said “Well, I think of long drives, titanium shafts,  a 7 -iron which is my favorite golf club and golfing I guess”.

I said “OK, but I think about great hot dogs, good coffee, good conversation, league play and a courteous staff” to be polite.

Now, I couldn’t help but chuckle as I absorbed the totally confused look on her face.  I decided to let her in on my thought process and pointed out that while she was thinking about the golf club used to hit a golf ball, I was referring to the golf club as in a country club or golf pro shop.

That question was prompted because I was searching for golf clubs in Alabama during an anniversary trip and really should have searched for either Golf Courses, Golf Country Clubs or Golf Resorts which is really what I wanted.  It wasn’t until I received a Google page full of Golf Clubs (the swinging kind) that I realized the phrase “Golf Clubs” have a dual meaning.

My wife favorite golf club is her seven-iron.  My favorite golf club is the one where I am on the first tee.

Golf Club – What do you think about when you hear those words?