Black Women & Golf

Black women and golf do mix!

Every once in a while I will see a black woman playing golf or at the golf range.  Even though the number of black women playing golf appears to be small, the interest is rather high.  So why aren’t there more black women playing golf?

Quite a few black women executives and managers have discovered that not only is golfing a nice relaxing event (in a manner of speaking), it is also a fantastic networking opportunity as many businessmen have known for the ages.

I have taken a personal survey and discovered that approximately two out of ten women give a resounding “NO! I am not interested in playing golf”.  Seven of the ten have a desire to either try it once or truly want to learn the game.  Less than one out of ten actually play the game on an occasional to regular basis.

I typically make a mental note of the black women golfers that participate in a golf scramble.  Oddly, I have came across more black women at golf scrambles in the administrative role behind the counter handling the sign-in.  Some of them are golfers and some are there just to assist the charity hosting the golf scramble.

I had a conversation with the Director of Hapeville Recreation Center of Georgia during a round of golf.  We concluded that even though there are notable black women golfers, there is still a professional level void in golf that is begging to be filled.  Golf is waiting for the first “Tigress Woods”.

I have seen a few young black ladies on Golf Channel-Big Break series and had the great pleasure to meet and talk with Renee Powell of Clearwater Golf Course in Ohio.   I have also spoken to a few black women who have a desire to promote the sport among black women with an emphasis among the younger generation.

Hopefully, more women of color will join the game/sport.